A Gallon a Day?!

A Gallon a Day?!

I’m going to drink a gallon of water every day during this new quarantine to stay as hydrated as possible! Some people are nay-sayers of the benefits of drinking THAT much water, but what can I say? I’m a believer 😎

I’ve discovered lately that ever since the weather change and I am spending more time inside, my body is more thirsty. It might have to do with the heat in my house drying everything out, or maybe working out too hard, but there is definitely a different in level of thirst from now and June.

I remember learning in school that ‘once you become thirsty, you’re already dehydrated’. One of my biggest fears when I was younger was being stuck somewhere without water. I will proudly wear a camelback whereever I go if it means I don’t have to be thirsty.

To me, the BEST part of military bootcamp was these cool belted canteens they issued everyone. It’s like if a fanny pack made a baby with a water bottle! I was actually kind of sad to leave bootcamp because of it lol

Anyways, hydrate hydrate, hydrate! When properly hydrated, you are less likely to eat excessively, and will reap the benefits such as clearer skin, decreased cravings, more energy, etc.

As a life-long lover of coffee, it actually pains me to know that second cup of coffee isn’t going to do JACK in the afternoon when I’m feeling groggy. What I ACTUALLY need to do to get my energy back is drink (you guessed it) WATER!

Water tips: I like to add a splash of lemonade into a glass of water or cucumber slices to make it more palatable. I LOVE alkaline water for hydration, but if you don’t have any, those cucumbers or lemonade will do the trick 😉

What tricks do you have for drinking more water throughout the day?