Affirmations and Rudolph and Pancakes (Oh My!)


Ah, yes. I feel that the word 'affirmations' has been one of those words that appeared one day and just never went away. I remember having to google search it just to realize what it was. Now that the world is finally starting to draw the line between mental health and physical health, affirmations are here to stay.

They aren't anything new, affirmations have been around for thousands of years! The power of positive thinking, speak well of yourself, etc.

You know what I thought was really cool? This morning, I was watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with my daughters and realized that Hermey the Elf is the first Entrepreneur of the North Pole!

The scene introduces Hermey as an elf that doesn't want to make toys, he wants to become a dentist and pursue his bicuspid dreams.


The head elf told him off, said his dreams were silly and that he would 'never fit in'. It was at that point that Hermey decided to leave the toy shop and pursue his dreams somewhere else.

He eventually runs into Rudolph, another misfit that doesn't fit in with his peers. This comes right after Rudolph shows great promise in front of Santa, flying around better than any of the other reindeer! The scene takes a turn for the worse when they realize Rudolph's red nose and ridicule him to running away.

The most beautiful scene in the entire movie is a mere second long, but is the entire reason I bring up this great Christmas classic. When Hermey is introducing himself to Rudolph, do you know what he says?


Rudolph: “Who are you?”

Hermey: “Well actually – I am a dentist.”

Does Hermey introduce himself as his failures, or what he was SUPPOSED to be? NO! He introduces himself as what he WANTS to be, and so Rudolph knows him as nothing else than what he identified himself as- a dentist.

Through the movie, they see that they are not the only misfits in the world, finding comfort that there are others out there like them, that don't fit in. They end up helping the Island of Misfit Toys, Hermey gets a job as a dentist after returning to the toy shop, and Rudolph gets to lead the sleigh through the fog. Though the JOURNEY Hermey took seemed like it had nothing to do with becoming a dentist and fulfilling his dream, the fact that he started was all that was necessary to actually fulfill his dream.

Once he returned to the workshop after a few months of adventuring, exploring and trying to pursue his dreams, he came back and the Head Elf offered him a job as the dentist for the elves!

THIS IS WHAT AFFIRMATIONS DO. They aren't magic words that POOF give you what you want. Affirmations put you in the right mindset to start living a lifestyle that will align you to what you want.


They are a part of the roadmap you need in order to get where you want to go.

Most of us live in default mode 90% of the time. For our brains, it takes less energy, we never have to hold ourselves accountable for failure, and we can coast through life on keeping our dreams JUUUST out of reach.


I want you to do this with me. Think of something that you want. Literally, anything. Pancakes, a new workout outfit, a specific car, a breed of dog, a massage… ANYTHING.

Focus on it. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT! I guarantee that you'll start seeing it first. Then living differently in order to achieve it. Then actually acquiring it.

Some on the smaller things can be easily acquired. You want pancakes? You can realign your life to go down to the store (or closest IHOP), buying pancakes mix, coming home and making the most delicious pancakes ever.


The bigger goals, such as a new car or acquiring your dream home will take a little more effort and alignment, but it's just the same steps as getting those pancakes. Align your life to your Dream.

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