Areas of Alignment: Mindset

Areas of Alignment: Mindset

The most important Area of Alignment – Mindset!

We all know how important it is to keep our minds healthy, but how many of us take time each day to work on it?

We know meditation helps with stress, but grab a coffee instead.

We know journaling our thoughts helps our brain think through our most difficult problems, yet we still don’t have the energy to stop watching tv.

Mindset care is easy. It’s easy to do it, but easier not to do it.

Mindset care varies from person to person. When I was in Japan, I knew a businessman who would take their lunch break at a private karaoke room every day to sing their heart out! This would relieve his stress for an hour, so that he was re-energized going back to his job. Another person likes to go for nature walks in solitude, finding the beauty of nature as a much needed break from the noise of the day.

What is your mindset activity? This should be something that acts as a reset for your brain, something enjoyable that helps the constant swirl of thoughts die down. This can be something active such as a hard workout, practicing your favorite sport, dancing, or even extreme sports such as skydiving.

It can also be something calmer like meditation, reading, breathe work, or just taking a nap.

Whatever it is for you, just make sure it makes sense for you. Yoga can be relaxing for one person, but a stressor for another. What types of activities makes your head clear? What helps you keep going through the week?


Ask yourself these questions to figure out what your mind needs:

  • If it was the end of a terribly stressful week, what would you look forward to doing to relax? (taking a bath, getting a massage, working out, etc)
  • If you gave yourself 30 minutes to relax, what activity would you want to do? (workout, meditate, clean, etc)
  • During high stress situations, what do you do that calms you? (deep breathing, going for a walk, working out)

NOTE: This should be a mindset activitity, NOT a disassociation!  What is a disassociation activity? This is anything that covers up your stress without dealing with it head on. Let’s take a ship as an example. Stress is like a leak in your ship, that needs to be taken care of before it gets worse and takes down the whole ship! A small leak can be dealt with, the ship can still make it from point A to point B. However, too much of a leak, and the ship won’t be able to sail. Mindfulness activities would be things that patch the leak, for the good of the ship. Disassociate activities are equal to just closing the door to the leak and hoping it’ll fix itself.

Disassociative activities are times when you can “zone out” such as video games, watching tv, napping, etc. Though these can be a great way to relax, if they are used to ignore your mindset problems, then you aren’t doing it right.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with things you need to do that you didn’t do any of them and decided to take a nap? THAT is disassociation!

We will be talking about this more and more this month, but try some mindset activities for yourself and let me know what activity YOU like to do!

Lost on where to start? Here’s a link for getting your head right in the new year! 

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