I absolutely LOVE what I do – everyday I work with amazing people and get to see them push past there limits to become the person they’ve always wanted to be.
Because of some exciting, upcoming plans for Untamed Fitness and Martial Arts, LLC, I am limited to taking on new clients 😟 I have worked so hard to make my company grow, and now going into our 5th year in business, we are Moving Up in the World (more on that later!)
Have you ever been curious about working with a personal trainer? Have you ever thought ‘what do I get from private training that I don’t get in a group class’?
The answer is A LOT. But don’t take my word for it.
My personal schedule literally only allows for 4 more clients. After those slots are filled, that’s it. Sure, we have some other amazing trainers working for us trained in bootcamp, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts and weight loss, but if you EVER were curious about working Directly with me, take this as your Sign!
Once the end of the month comes, I will close out all openings for private sessions.
Use this link to schedule your ‘No Sweat Consult’ completely free!

Flex Your Confidence Muscle!

Ever wonder how to build yourself up? I’ll show you how.

Confidence is just like anything else in your body-
If you use it more, it’ll become stronger. I remember back when I was (believe it or not) a shy, quiet book worm who had no idea about fitness or fighting. I was that lady who didn’t want to take up too much space on a train or bus, in fear of “getting in the way”.
I had lost myself in alcohol and video games, numbing myself to the life I had built in fear of realizing I was a shell of myself.
I never used to stand up for myself.
I never would try to win arguments in fear of someone ‘not liking me’.
I tried to toe the line, do what was expected of me, and keep quiet.
That’s When I Realized I Wasn’t Happy With My Life. 
In my head, I wanted to be this strong, confident, young woman, who didn’t need NO man to keep her company. In reality, I was a 24-year-old stuck in a job I hated (and honestly, wasn’t very good at). I never worked out, and would run a mile and a half in over SIXTEEN MINUTES. I hated myself for not standing up for anything I believed in, or even having a hobby. Things had to change, and I knew it started with me.
Confidence Comes from Knowledge.
Training martial arts taught me the knowledge of self defense. At one point, I was a weak, mild-mannered girl, afraid to have my own opinion. Once I started training jiu jitsu, I realized there are SO many situations out there that can be nullified just by training martial arts! How do you react when you think you’re being followed? How do you turn someone who asked you out down? How do you handle the aggressive guy at the bar? Once you know HOW to handle those situations, the fear of it dissipates.
Confidence Comes From Strength.
Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger lacks confidence? Maybe on some days, but the constant challenge he puts himself under in order to get strong every day is a HUGE deterrent of doubt.
Confidence Comes From Discipline.
This one is tricky, but bear with me. The person who practices doing ‘the hard stuff’ when they reeeaaalllyyyy don’t want to is the one who becomes stronger. Challenging yourself every day to lift heavier, jump higher, fight longer is a KEY trait to those among us who really reap the benefits of life. Discipline forms courage, the key to living a confident lifestyle.
Flash Forward 8 years.  
I’ve become a completely new person, the one I’ve always wanted to be. I am Knowledgeable, teaching others about self defense and the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle. I am Strong, constantly exercising, running, jumping, grappling, fighting and leading others to do the same. I am Disciplined, living my life day after day with the goal of becoming the best version of myself, the best fighter in the country, and the best personal trainer in the world.
Want to become more confident? Let’s set up a time to chat! 

Group Fitness Liability Waiver and Release Form

I acknowledge that this Untamed Fitness and Martial Arts, LLC Virtual Group Fitness Class involves strength, flexibility, cardio and other exercises all of which can be potentially hazardous activities. I am voluntarily agreeing to participate in the Untamed Virtual Group Fitness Class and I hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury, physical harm or death.

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