Action 1: Creating your 6-Month Action Plan

Ignore the voice in your head that says you can’t do it! We need to set a goal so that we have something to reach for.

  1. Write down everything you want to achieve in the next 6 months in the plan below. Copy and write it down on paper so you can hang it up where you can see it! Don’t worry about if the idea seems far-reaching or impossible.. Just because you don’t know HOW to get there yet, doesn’t mean you can’t. Write down all the goals you have.
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Link To Download Spreadsheet

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By knowing what we want in life then we can determine strategies for achieving it then monitor your progress and guarantee results. Does this mean we always achieve every goal? Of course not, what we do always achieve is an outcome either the outcome we wish for or not. By setting goals we can choose the outcomes we wish to experience and work towards them otherwise you just live life and hope for the best.

It is important to remember that it’s not just about achieving the goal but the learning’s of the journey and the person it helps us become. It is also important to note that we have business goals to achieve our personal goals and we have personal goals because they are the things they lead to ultimate happiness in life. Whether it’s to make millions, competing in a sports competition or even spend more quality time with family.

By planning these things and having goals, it will make these things seem more realistic giving your more clarity and a sense of certainty and confidence. Be as specific as possible and think about it as a to do list also include financial, health, relationships, achievements, and think of it as a catalogue of the universe to select at will what you choose even if you don’t feel you know how to achieve it yet.

Simply write all the things you wish to achieve and/or do each month for the next 6 months and remember be as SPECIFIC as you can and include your ultimate sessions. E.g. if it is January by June I Wish to have 40 booked sessions then chunk it down – January have 10, February have 15, March have 25, April have 30, May have 35 and June have 40.