Foot Health Over Everything

Foot Health Over Everything

Foot Health Over Everything

Yeah, it’s cold as sh*t, I’m wearing two sweatshirts and had to warm my kettlebells up next to my space heater. And I’m BAREFOOT.





I’m not kidding. I had to warm my kettlebells up before the workout!

No, im not crazy. My foot mobility is super limited even with socks on. Im starting to train for one of the biggest fight years of my life, the LAST thing I need is a dumb injury because my feet weren’t able to function correctly. I learned my lesson last year with my high ankle sprain. That took a full 6 months to heal with daily exercises, stretches and rehab! I don’t have an extra 6 months to do that again.

No matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing something feels, I will do it in the name of keeping my body healthy.

How weird is it seeing someone workout without shoes on? If you’re at home, or at a martial arts gym, it’s normal- but how do you feel seeing someone take their shoes off in the Squat rack at a gym? It feels weird, right? We need to normalize our foot health before it gets too late!


How to Promote Foot Health:

  • be barefoot as often as possible
  • Wear barefoot, zero-drop shoes with a wide toe box
  • Get a foot strength assessment! (Yes, this type of thing exists and its amazing)
  • Practice flexing and extending your toes as often as possible
  • If you cant spread your toes easily in socks, you need bigger socks (some people even like toe socks for this)
  • Foam roll and stretch your foot and calf muscles weekly


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