Fun Fact! You have 4 “fascial lines” that run through your body. They all meet in your feet.

You have FOUR fascial lines running through your body – each sling plays off each other, ensuring that your body is in perfect balance. This sounds great in theory, but this ALSO means that if one of those bad boys are out of whack, then you are AAALLL outta whack.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 95% of the people I have trained for increasing the mobility in their feet have all had WEAK SHOULDER GIRDLES that were the cause of their foot pain! I know, *mindblown*

Without the picture, it makes no sense. But if you look at the fascial sling third over from the left, you can see how the “shoulder-lines-connected-to-the-foot-line” ( i just sung that in my head, anyone else?)

Our body are pretty neat, huh?


Or as I like to call it, the 4 horsemen of bad foot pain

Let's dive a bit deeper on our model here. Let's call him Hubert.

As you can see in the third picture from the left, Hubert's neck, shoulders, spine, lats, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, hip, knee, calf AND foot all exist on the same primary fascial line!

This is WHY when I get a new client, and they say they're having foot pain issues, I immediately ask them, “do you have a desk job?”

80% of the time, they say yes. The other 20% of the time, they say that they drive a lot. All this translates into is this: their posterior chain is weak and needs to be strengthened!

Our brains think it knows our bodies best. Our MIND thinks, “hey, my foot hurts. I must have foot pain”. But you know what? I'm going to let you down easy on this. Take a deep breath. *sigh*

Your foot isn't CAUSING the pain, it's just the WEAKEST link in your fascial sling and therefore shows the pain first…

*le gasp*

I know. I'm sorry, your body/mind has lied to you once again. Our body/mind's are silly, little toddlers who reeeeaaallly don't know what they want. YOU have to be the responsible adult and realize that its a WHOLE BODY recovery that's needed, NOT just rolling your foot on a lacrosse ball.


Ahh, but it feels so nice.

So, what do I do about this, Amanda?

Well, I'll show you the Steps (Ha! Get it? Steps? Like, a foot pun!)

Step 1: Locate the pain. (This should be easy)


“Umm, yeah. My feet are on fire, but these shoes are LIT”

Step 2: Find the body part on your fascial sling. If it's your FEET that hurt, it might just be better to chat with a professional who can find this for you. Since ALL four slings lead to your feet, a functional mobility fitness trainer *ahem* like myself can observe your movements and posture and THEN determine the sling that is compromised. Click here if you would like a strength routine to fix your foot pain.


Hubert, you've got some sling issues.

Step 3: Foam Roll & SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

If you've never done this before, try some of these helpful videos for full body foam rolling, upper body and back, lower body and calves, or even how to foam roll without a foam roller! (Youtube)

The joy of foam rolling for adults and technology for kids!

Step 4: Strengthening the Weak Link

Find your weak link. Yeah, YOU know the one. It's probably those tight, rounded shoulders you've developed hunched over a computer all day. Or maybe that hip hiked up on your left hand side juuuusstt enough to ruin your day. Whatever it is, the next step is to find it, strengthen it, and watch all your problems disappear. (except for the corruption of politicians, it won't do anything for that, I'm sorry).


Football? Or is he a mime? Maybe just wanted some Hammer Time.

If this is something TRULY bothering you, yes, you SHOULD seek the advice of a professional. Maybe someone local… with dazzling blue eyes and a personality to match… Maybe someone that specializes in foot mobility and strength.. holistic body integration.. Oh! I'm talking about me!

Yes, SERIOUSLY pick my brain on this stuff, I can't talk about it enough. Your brain will leave our session so full of knowledge it'll feel like it went to an all-you-can-eat buffet.. for knowledge. And hey, you'll even fix your body pains without having to suffer through years of aches and surgery. So, that's cool too!

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