Untamed Fitness and Martial Arts provides holistic health and wellness through personal training, nutrition, massage and life coaching, in private and small group training.

We aim to build client and trainer self-confidence through personalized fitness training and holistic health education. Our clients are matched with professional, nationally-certified personal trainers, massage therapists, life coaches, and nutritionists. They are collectively experts who are educated in the areas of weight loss, muscle building, endurance training, athletic conditioning, healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. This provides a holistic approach to living a healthier and more confident life.


For a modest flat fee, we offer access to a fitness training space complete with commercial grade equipment, a private office for client consultations, child care area, martial arts equipment and floor, marketing and sales support services.


We know how tough it is for independent trainers to feel supported helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. We also help you cross the threshold of living paycheck to paycheck, to the satisfaction of a lucrative career. We are here to help you walk your path wherever that may lead to you.


Most gyms see trainers as a liability to their business – an extra body to accommodate for. Most other gyms don’t even provide on-site childcare for their staff, even when it’s available to the clients!

Unlike most gyms, we make you, the trainer, our number one priority. We offer a low base rental fee, onsite childcare, top-of-the-line equipment, and plenty of space for you to let your fitness imagination run wild.