KettleBuddy: Buddy

KettleBuddy: Buddy


The Untamed Slambell Kettleball is a slamball and kettlebell hybrid!

Click here for the pink version!

The durability of the slamball allows for high impact HIIT movements such as throws and slams. The handle converts this piece of equipment easily into a kettlebell for swings, cleans and snatches.

The unique design of this product allows for endless combinations of exercises, such as swings to slams, without the need for more equipment!



This is KettleBuddy, a soft & slammable kettlebell!

Hate getting bruises on the back of your wrists from your cast-iron kettlebells? Dislike the calluses on your hands from weights?  Wish you could increase your workout intensity? Then KettleBuddy is for you!

This soft-material kettlebell is specifically designed as a safer way to do swings, cleans and snatches. It’s easy-open velcro fastener allows you to increase the slamball weight and is machine washable.

Want to ramp up exercise intensity of your workout? Combine overhead movements with slams with KettleBuddy!