Week 1, Day 1

Week 1, Day 1

Welcome to the Isolation Transformation Challenge! I am SO excited to start on this journey with you, all of us as a community growing together during these unpredictable times.

Now is the time to seek out things that challenge yourself Mentally as well as Physically in order to get in the best shape of your life all-around.

First, make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group here.

This challenge isn’t just fitness. Sure, we’ll be having plank, push up and squat challenges, but it’s so much more than that! I’ll be providing you a road map for the next 28 days, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, mindfulness challenges as well as ways to expand your horizons with lifestyle challenges!

Each week, we will have the same reoccurring challenges so as to mark progress in strength, balance and endurance.

Here is a spreadsheet of the plan for the next 28-days – you can either look ahead or choose to be surprised. The choice is yours!

There will also be a recommended movie each day related to either isolation, viruses, family time, or just an all around “feel good” movie – sorta a mixed bag. Watch what you can and let me know what you think! (Please don’t watch the horror movies around small children).

It is YOUR choice of what to take out of this challenge. If you want to do everything 100%, I guarantee you’ll have LOADS more fun doing new things you never thought you would do rather than shrinking away from an opportunity. I know some people aren’t scary movie people (myself included), but that’s why we have each other! Zoom calls will be available for each movie suggested so we can be together and support everyone!

So let’s get to it. If you have any questions, let me know!

The Goods:

Isolation Transformation Challenge 28-Day Calendar
8am Pow-Wow Meeting Live Stream (Zoom)
My Plate Breakdown
Calorie Calculator

Movie: Zombieland
Action Items for Monday, April 20th:
Fitness Challenge: 5 min plank – I usually change it up every 30 seconds in order to not get bored like this:
30 sec high
30 sec forearm
30 sec left side
30 sec right side
30 sec high
30 sec forearm
30 sec left
30 sec right
30 sec high
30 sec forearm

I know, it seems like a lot, but trust me, it feels MUCH better than holding a 5 min plank the same position! Notice where you fall out and what you will need to improve on next week.

Mindfulness Challenge:

No negative thoughts!

Lifestyle Challenge:

Wear your outfit you feel the most confident in.

Nutrition Challenge:

Eat a “My Plate” set up of 1 meal. What is “My Plate”? In summary, its a guideline of what Americans should be eating every meal according to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Check out the portion control tips here.

Here’s a calorie calculator to see how many calories you should be eating.

That’s it! Let’s get started and kick this challenge off right!!

**Videos of our daily chats will be uploaded onto the VIP Isolation Transformation Challenge group Facebook page daily.

Emails will be sent out daily with action items for the day.