12 Days of Christmas Raffle Starts Today!

This time of year is my FAVORITE. No, not because of recieving gifts, or spending time with my family (I'm a 30-year-old adult, I give gifts to myself year round).

It's my FAVORITE because I get to GIVE BACK to my wonderful communtiy for 12. Whole. Days.

Check out this year's line up below!


Every day for the 12 Days Before Christmas, I will go on Facebook live and pull a raffle winner for the gift of the day! It's fun, adds a litle excitement to our community, and REALLY makes Christmas an enjoyable time of year for me.

Why the 12 Days of Christmas?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Some of your may know that I was in the Navy for 9 years before getting out and becoming a entrepreneur. During that time, I got to see how unfortunate the holiday season felt for many of the Sailors. This time of the year is such a depressing and alienating time for many Sailors, leading to excessive drinking, lonliness and increased suicide rates.

Imagine being fresh out of high school, shipped overseas where you don't know the language or get along with your shipmates, and you are completely isolated from your family, except for the occasional video call. These video calls reiterate everything you're missing – your family living their lives like usual, with the family parties, gifts, and holiday treats. It can feel almost like you don't matter…

(Psstt, Amanda, you're getting a little dark here)

YES, I know. But this is important. This is how the 12 Days of Christmas Raffle started. I wanted to show my community that even though they didn't have family around, or maybe were new to the area, they STILL had a supportive community willing to help show them love during the holiday season.

This is our fourth year of the 12 Days of Christmas, and we've got over $2,000 worth of swag, gift certificates, classes, mentorship programs, candles and MORE to give to you, just for participating in our fun holiday event 🙂

If you haven't already, make sure to join the Facebook group here.

ALSO. The GRAND PRIZE this year is a ticket to our 6-month integrated coaching program called Omni! This program will integrate your fitness, spiritual, family and financial goals together to help elevate your life to that next level! This package usually sells for OVER $6k, but we'll be giving it to one lucky winner FOR FREE.


Let's show how great our community is. All the gifts have been lovingly donated by our local small businesses, the life blood of our society.

Today is our first day of giveaways, so make sure to join the group and get your free stuff!

See you soon 🙂

Amanda B.

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